How to Add Kelp Meal to Potting Soil


Because kelp meal, a product made from seaweed, is a natural source of potassium, it is widely used in feed for poultry, livestock and shrimp farming. Added to the soil, it becomes an organic fertilizer and soil amendment; it helps to improve the texture of the soil and aids in water retention. Kelp meal is expensive, but a little goes a long way. In fact, out of a 4-pound package, you will only need 1 ounce added to a large bag (64-quart) of potting soil.

Step 1

Pour the potting soil into a large bucket.

Step 2

Measure the required amount of kelp meal and pour it into the bucket with the potting soil.

Step 3

Mix the soil and kelp meal well.

Step 4

Water the mixture well, stirring to ensure uniform moisture.

Step 5

Spread the amended potting soil on the tarp or plastic bag and allow it to dry until it is barely moist.

Step 6

When the amended potting soil is dry, place it in a large plastic bag or tub for storage.

Things You'll Need

  • Large bucket
  • Potting soil, 64-quart bag
  • Kelp meal (usually sold in 4-pound packages)
  • Water
  • Tarp or large plastic garbage bag
  • Bin, tub, large plastic bag for storage


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