5 Plants That Need Full Sun Light

Gardening in a warm and sunny climate makes it difficult for beginner gardeners to choose the right kind of plants to grow. Knowing about some of the plants that need full sun light for proper growth is a good step to take when learning how to garden in a sunny climate.

Bush Clover

Bush clover is commonly grown as a bordering ground cover in a summer flower garden. The bluish-green foliage grows thick and wild, producing purple and pink flowers that resemble snapdragons. They thrive best in full sunlight and warm temperatures with long weekly watering, and they are good plants for beginner gardeners.


Grapevines prefer to soak up plenty of sun rays and do best in hot climates like parts of Nevada, Arizona, California, Texas, Alabama and many other warm and sunny states . Many varieties exist, producing grapes that differ in size, color and taste.

Russian Olive

Russian olive trees are massive, and produce grayish-green foliage on thorny branches. They not only thrive in sunlight, but once established they are tolerant to cold weather changes.

Adam's Needle

The Adam's needle plant is a stout evergreen plant that resembles a small desert palm plant. It produces a series of thick stalks that sprout fluffy, white blossoms that bloom best in dry heat and plenty of sunlight. This plant makes a good addition to your border garden, and it thrives off long weekly watering.


Also known as a coneflower, echinacea is a garden flower that performs at its best when planted in full sunlight. It grows from late spring to early fall in many warm areas of low elevation throughout the world. Loamy soil is best for echinacea but it can grow in practically any quality of soil.

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