Ideas for Decorating Gardens

A garden, by its very nature, should be decorated primarily by the plants it contains, whether those plants are vibrant flowers, vegetables, fruit, trees, shrubs or a combination of these. Still, adding personal decorative touches to a garden is a wonderful way to make it unique, attract birds and create a space where you can relax and enjoy the rewards of your efforts.

Garden statues

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden by placing garden statues among your plants. Tuck a statue of a little girl into a corner, or embrace the tradition of the garden gnome and give the cheery little fellow a place of honor in the front of your flower bed. A stone cat looks cozy curled up under a rose tree, or choose a more modern look for your garden by installing a musical wind sculpture or gazing ball in the center of your plot.

Water features

Create a relaxing feel by installing a water feature in your garden. The sound of water is soothing for many people, and the visual effect of the sunlight sparkling on water is stunning. A water feature can be as simple as a birdbath, which will have the added benefit of attracting birds to your garden, or as complex as a large pond with a cascading waterfall. Try placing a tabletop fountain on top of a retaining wall and grouping some potted plants around it for a budget-friendly way to add running water to your landscaping.


Decorate your garden by creating sitting areas. A simple wooden bench is all that is needed to invite guests to sit and stay a while. Place it under a tree and flank it with flowering potted plants. Or splurge on a freestanding swing. Even something as simple as a colorful cushion placed on top of a tree stump can add a splash of decorative style and function. Finally, consider using an old wooden chair as a place to group container plants. Although not functional to sit on, the chair will provide add an unusual visual touch to the garden.

Other Items

Scatter large rocks, boulders or substantial pieces of driftwood throughout the garden to give it a zen-like, peaceful feel. Weave strands of tiny white lights through trees and bushes, or hang paper lanterns on fishing line from trees so they seem to float in the air. Create a safe path for guests by lining walkways with practical and attractive solar-powered lights. Other items you can use to decorate your garden include birdhouses, sundials, outdoor clocks, portable fire pits and antique farm tools.

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