How to Buy a New Day Rose Bush


New day roses are readily available from catalogs, garden centers and home improvement centers. You can buy new day roses in two forms: bare root or in a container. Bare root roses are dormant and should not exhibit signs of growth. Container grown roses have foliage and are actively growing. Bare root roses become available in late winter through early summer. Container-grown roses appear in mid to late spring through early fall. Roses come in three grades: 1, 1/2 and 2. Grade 1 is the highest grade and the most expensive. This is the grade you want to buy as the roses are 2-year-old transplants and most likely to thrive once transplanted in your garden.

Buying Bare Root New Day Roses

Step 1

Buy bare root new day roses in late winter through mid spring. Always buy from a reputable store or catalog, preferably one that offers a refund or replacement rose if your new day rose dies in the first year after planting.

Step 2

Check the rose canes. A quality new day rose should have three evenly spaced canes that are dark green, plump and firm to the touch. Avoid new day roses with fewer than three canes or that have canes that look brown or shriveled.

Step 3

Avoid new day roses that have leaves or buds. A bare root new day rose is a dormant rose. Signs of growth means the rose has broken dormancy and is utilizing stored energy that it needs to establish itself in its new home.

Step 4

Pull the plastic away from the roots. Reputable companies pack their bare root rose roots with peat moss or sawdust. The packing medium should be moist.

Step 5

Pick up the bare root new day rose (in its package). It should feel heavy. If it feels light, the rose is most likely dehydrated, and you should not buy it.

Buying Container-Grown New Day Roses

Step 1

Buy container-grown new day roses in mid spring to early summer or early fall. Avoid buying container grown roses in summer as your new day rose may not survive transplanting in hot weather.

Step 2

Choose new day container grown roses with three to six canes. Just like bare root roses healthy canes are green, plump and firm to the touch.

Step 3

Check the foliage of the new day rose. Choose new day roses with healthy green foliage. The foliage should not look wilted or show signs of disease or pest infestations. Avoid roses with a lot of dead leaves scattered on the soil in the container or around the container.

Step 4

Avoid new day container grown roses with open flowers or large buds. Flowering saps energy the new day rose will need to establish itself in its new home.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid grade 2 roses. While they are cheaper, they tend take longer to settle into their new home, longer to start flowering and may have a shorter lifespan.

Things You'll Need

  • Bare root roses
  • Container grown roses


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  • Jackson and Perkins; Rose Catalog
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