How to Create a Compost Bin


One of the most basic things you can do for your garden and landscaping is to start a compost bin. Put all of your kitchen scraps and yard waste to use to form a nutrient-rich fertilizing soil for your plants that you cannot buy from a garden center. You can buy several types of bins. However, for a few dollars and with a little work, you can build your own bin that will work just as well.

Step 1

Measure the ties so that each of is marked at the 4-foot or center point. This is a perfect size for a compost bin. According to the Maryland Department of the Environment, a compost pile needs to be at least 3-feet wide by 3-feet long by 3-feet high to generate enough heat to compost the materials. Even more ideal would be a 4- or 5-foot cubic bin.

Step 2

Cut the ties along the center mark. Do it quickly with a chain saw, or if you have a little more time and energy, use a hand saw. It can be a good workout for someone seeking a little exercise. You will now have 20 4-foot sections of timber ready for building your compost bin.

Step 3

Layer the landscape ties with one on each end, and then one on each side stacked on top of the end ties. Alternate the levels until all of them are stacked. This arrangement will leave gaps between the layers which is excellent for good air circulation. Your compost bin should be high enough to hold more than 3 feet of compost.

Step 4

Lift the landscape ties off the compost bin at the end of the compost cycle when the majority of the pile has turned into good black humus. Unstack the timber to start a new pile close by while you use up the compost around your yard.

Things You'll Need

  • 10 landscaping ties, 8-feet long
  • Saw


  • Building Your Compost Pile
  • Making and Using Compost
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