Types of Winter Flowers

Most gardeners can easily grow flowers during warm spring and summer months. Some flowering plants are even grown successfully during autumn. Few people think of growing plants during the winter, but there are some flowers that are known for blooming even during the coldest months of the year. Plants such as Christmas roses, winter pansies and others can brighten a gray, dull landscape on those long winter days.

Snowdrop Flowers

Snowdrop flowers are tiny white flowers that resemble either snowdrops or three drops of milk dropping from a stem. This winter flower receives its name from the Latin word "Galanthus," meaning "milk-white flowers." These hardy winter flowers push their way through harsh winter elements and can appear anytime from January through April, forming an elegant carpet of white blossoms. Snowdrops create a more dramatic effect when planted in large numbers because they are small.


Hellebores, also called Christmas roses or Lenten roses, are flowering plants that have recently become popular. They produce flowers with saucer-shaped blooms, ranging in color from white to greens, reds, purples and even darker shades that are almost black. Flowers have fuzzy stamens and may be flat. They're evergreens that are generally slow growing, preferring rich soil. Hellebores flowers continue to flower over long periods of time in winter. As their blooms age, they tend to fade into an creamy ivory color. These hardy winter plants have dark green leaves that have a leathery texture.

Winter Pansies

Winter pansies are lovely flowers sometimes called "Ice Pansies." The flowers of winter pansies are smaller than other pansy varieties and are roughly the same size as violas. Winter pansies come in white, yellow and blue and seed packets can be bought either in individual colors or mixtures. These winter flowers are quite adaptable because they're able to grow in different locations ranging from full sun to even shade or almost total shade.

Iris Unguicularis

The Iris Unguicularis is a winter flower that begins blooming in late autumn and then continues to bloom even in late winter. It has blooms that look like long evergreen foliage. These flowers aren't showy when seen from a distance, but they can cheer up winter-weary people during dark, dreary cold days. Flowers produced from this winter plant are lavender-blue.


Most chrysanthemums purchased at garden centers are the hardy type able to survive winter. Chrysanthemums are from the same plant family as sunflowers, daisies and asters. They come in various shades of color ranging from whites to reds, pinks, purples, golds and many shades in-between.

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