Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Children

Creating a fun landscape for children in the backyard provides younger children with a safe and imaginative place to play. Keep in mind that young children are curious by nature and will explore everything in a backyard. For safety's sake, avoid ponds and waterfalls in a backyard designed for children to avoid any risk of drowning.


Every kid loves a soft yard for running and playing. For those in warmer climates, Bermuda and turf grasses offer a hardy lawn that can be roughly played upon without causing any damage. Turf provides excellent padding for those considering a play set in the backyard. If you live in moist or cooler climates, consider using Centipede grass. This variety is very thick and hardy and spreads throughout a yard quickly. Be sure to dethatch it yearly to avoid children tripping over the thick portions.


Trees provide fruit, shade and a source for children's' imagination to run wild. If desiring fruit in the backyard, consider apple, avocado or pomegranate trees as they grow quickly and do not have thorns. Pecan and maple trees offer opportunities for children to climb and explore. Finally, for those with larger backyards, nothing is better for treehouses than pepper trees.

Beds and Trails

Separating portions of the yard for personal gardening adds a feel of organization to the yard. Consider using bricks for edging to help the children understand that the area is separate from the grass they enjoy for playtime. For larger yards, consider using some garden fencing and a gate and creating bark trails in the garden for the children to explore.

Animal-Attracting Plants

For children at a more exploratory age, consider planting some flowers and hedges that are attractive to animals. For attracting hummingbirds and butterflies, plant jasmine, honeysuckle or snail plants. To attract cats, catnip or lavender are excellent choices. Finally, a bird feeder and house can be placed in trees to attract melodic little visitors.

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