What to Plant in a Strawberry Planter

Strawberry planters are classic garden accoutrements and provide both dramatic decorative appeal as well as highly practical vertical planting options. Beyond strawberries themselves, strawberry pots work well for any foliage or flowering plant that has a trailing or vining growth habit. They also highlight and make a good growing environment for some small edibles such as herbs and small peppers. Strawberry pots look good in pairs providing visual balance when flanking doorways and entryways to garden spaces or paths.

Flowering Plants

Plant flowering annuals or perennials in complementary or contrasting colors and textures. Alternate flowering plants with foliage plants or fill the strawberry jar with just flowers. Consider options such as petunias, bacopa, geraniums, verbena, nicotiana, begonia, impatiens, lobelia, aster, boltonia, campanula, phlox or vinca.

Foliage Plants

Plants with compellingly colored and textured foliage are ideal for showcasing in strawberry pots. Choose annual or perennial plants that have a full but still cascading growth habit for best effect. Highlight a single species mixing varietals or mixing species for a more eclectic look. Consider planting coleus, lamb's ear, sweet potato vine, salvia, heuchera, ajuga or stachys.


A wide range of strawberry varietals are ideal for use in strawberry pots including alpine or ever bearing cultivars. Create an culinary herb garden at your door by planting a different type of herb in each opening such as thyme, sage, marjoram, basil, mint, chervil and chives. Consider plating edible or ornamental peppers of one more multiple varietals to provide a bright spot of color cascading from the pot.

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