How to Harvest Honeysuckle


Some gardeners consider honeysuckle invasive and seek to eradicate it from their growing areas. Other gardeners grow honeysuckle for its medicinal qualities and anticipate a honeysuckle harvest with great eagerness. If you are one of the latter gardeners, it is the blooms, the buds and the stems from the honeysuckle plants that you will be seeking. Collect an abundant honeysuckle harvest to use throughout the year.

Step 1

Use the pruning shears to harvest honeysuckle buds. The buds are the blossoms that are still immature and not quite ready to open.

Step 2

Clip the honeysuckle flowers early in the morning during the peak of the growing season. Remove only mature flowers; however, you must remove the flowers before they open for the day. Clip the flowers just under the blooms where they attach to the stems. Use the flowers to create hot teas or infusions to treat illness.

Step 3

Harvest the honeysuckle stems during the autumn and winter months. By the time you are ready to harvest the stems, the flowers and buds of the honeysuckle will be gone for the season. Remove the stems by trimming them off just above the soil level. Remove any leaves that are present and discard them. Dry the stems and then use them in infusions to treat illness.

Things You'll Need

  • Honeysuckle plants
  • Pruning shears


  • Honeysuckle Harvest
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