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Money Trees, scientific name Pachira aquatica, are a popular houseplant and an office gift favorite. The plants are usually small for placement on desktops or tables. The often twisted trunks and green palmate leaves shaped like a hand make an attractive natural addition to a room.


Money trees naturally grow to 7 feet tall outdoors in their native habitat so most indoor grown plants are kept small using Bonsai techniques to artificially dwarf the plant.


Often money trees are sold with their trunks braided together. This is done by growing several small trees right next to each other and braiding them while they are young and flexible, letting the trunks slowly grow together over time.

Good Luck

In Asian traditions money trees are supposed to bring good luck, in the form of money, to your household. In Feng Shui they are placed in the economic center of the house.

Extra Luck

Plants with seven bracts per leaf are considered rare and especially lucky, similar to a four leaf clover. Normally they have five or six bracts per leaf.


Money trees like low to bright light. Also, keep the plant undernourished and in a small pot to prevent it from growing too large.


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