How to Use a Lawn Trimmer


Lawn trimmers---also called weed whackers, string trimmers and various other names---are all based on the same concept of cutting and trimming weeds using a thick nylon line that slices through weeds effortlessly as it rotates. These trimmers are particularly useful around obstacles and buildings where the flexibility of the line allows weed cutting in even the most difficult places.

Proper Use of a Lawn Trimmer

Step 1

Put on your safety glasses to protect your eyes from plant particles or dirt that may fly up during trimming.

Step 2

Scan the area to be trimmed. Pick up and remove any loose branches, stones or other debris that can impede the spinning line.

Step 3

Lawn trimmers rotate counterclockwise, so moving the trimmer from right to leftis the most effective cutting method.

Step 4

Position the cutting head at an angle of approximate 30-degrees to the ground.

Step 5

Begin trimming by using only the tip of the rotating line, moving slowly from right to left and making the trim line even with the surrounding lawn.

Step 6

Once the area is trimmed to your satisfaction, move ahead and repeat the steps above.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never walk backwards when trimming as this presents a stumbling or tripping hazard.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn trimmer
  • Safety glasses


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