Flower Container Garden Ideas

Flower containers filled with spring blooms or hardy perennials can revive the look of your garden. Set the tone of your garden with color. For an elegant and muted look, use various types of flowers, all in white. Contrast with the color of your home by using bright blooms like daylilies and cosmos. Bring into the space your own container designs to create a relaxed and inviting feeling.


Attract butterflies and hummingbirds using their favorite flowers, which include daisy-type blooms and small flowers with clusters. Plant lots of purple flowers, the butterflies' favorite color, such as the heliotrope and dahlia. Arrange tubular-shaped flowers for hummingbirds in bright reds and oranges, their favorite colors. Daylilies and parrot's beak will also attract these tiny creatures and create an exotic and vibrant container. Hummingbirds are also drawn to blue flowers, like petunias.


Herbs thrive and flourish in containers because they enjoy being packed into smaller spaces. Create an herb container using a strawberry jar, which has pockets and will give you the opportunity to plant different herbs in one container. Make sure the jar is at least 1 foot by 1 foot to help retain moisture. Use taller herbs like basil and chives in the back of the container. Add thyme and oregano into the side pockets, which will spill over the container and create a lush effect. Nestle your container near your back patio so you can easily retrieve herbs while you're cooking. Remember to pinch back old growth to promote new shoots and free up nutrients to the rest of the plant.

Spring Blooms

Line your porch and garden space with spring blooms. Plant daffodils and tulips in pots and containers. Their vibrant colors and medium-size height will add texture and vibrancy to the garden. Use purple crocus and hyacinth to accent the bright yellow daffodils. Their smaller size will fill in the hard-to-reach spaces in the container, and create a stunning spring pot.

White Out

Create a flower container of white flowers. Use white azaleas mixed with violas all in one large white or cream-colored container. Add fluffy white hydrangeas, which resemble snowballs, to create a soft and elegant design. Mix the sizes of white pots to form a trio of elegant white bloomers.

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