How to Care for Majestic Palms


Majestic palms (Ravenia rivularis)--also called Majesty palms--are vase-shaped palms native to Madagascar. They do very well in the shade and can grow to heights of 10 feet. Majestic palm does the best when planted under the shade of other, taller trees. The only drawback, if you will, is that the Majestic palm must be fertilized often to keep its green color. Caring for the Ravenia rivularis will ensure that it's a long lasting, healthy plant that enhances your landscape.

Step 1

Keep the Majestic palms in filtered or partial sun. They don't do well in dry, hot air so plant them in climates that have more moisture in the air.

Step 2

Check the soil twice a week by feeling the top few inches with your fingers. Majestic palms suck up a lot of water so they should be kept moist. However, don't let the plant sit in water.

Step 3

Feed the palm once a month with fertilizer. Add a liquid fertilizer into the water, as per manufacturer's directions, when you water the Majestic palm.

Step 4

Watch for spider mites. You can tell they have infested your plants if there are small yellow or brown dots on the leaves of the Majestic palm. If you look closely, you should notice small strands of webbing or silk on the plant.

Step 5

Get rid of spider mites by using a rubbing alcohol solution. Mix one part alcohol with one part water. Spray it on the entire palm, focusing most on the bottom of the leaves.

Step 6

Use pruning shears to remove palms that appear to be damaged, dead or wilted. They are using nutrients that the rest of the plant needs. Cut them at the base, next to the stalk or ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning shears
  • Gloves
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle


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