Propagating Bamboo Cuttings


Bamboo has a seemingly unlimited number of uses throughout the world, from a building material to vessels for carrying water. There are hundreds of varieties of bamboo, and the majority can be propagated relatively easily.

Step 1

Cut bamboo stalks that are no more than three years old. One- to two-year-old stalks are generally best.

Step 2

Take your cuttings from the middle section of each stalk. Cuttings should contain two full internodes (internodes are sections between nodes) plus a half internode that is open to the air.

Step 3

Shove your cuttings into sandy soil with the half internode up. Bury cuttings about half the depth of the cutting.

Step 4

Smear a small amount of mud around the top of the exposed edge of the cutting to reduce the chances of the cutting becoming infected, but do not fill the open node with mud.

Step 5

Pour two cups of water into the top of the open node, allowing the water to drain down into the cutting. Water as needed to keep the soil moist at all times. Watch for new leaves to begin growing from the top node of the cutting. This should happen within 14 to 21 days.

Things You'll Need

  • Bamboo cuttings
  • Sandy soil


  • How to Propagate Bamboo Cuttings
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