Plants That Are Easy to Grow From Seed

A love of gardening is a wonderful gift to pass down to a child. Children as young as 5 years old can help to plan and grow their own gardens. Make the process as easy as possible for the child, as successful gardens make for enthusiastic young gardeners. Choosing plants that you can sow directly into the garden instead of growing seedlings for transplant is a good way to simplify your garden plot. Many plants grow quickly and easily without having to start them indoors.


Melons are very easy to start from seed, and grow much better without the disturbing effect of transplanting. Start melons in good fertile soil and leave a good amount of room around them to spread out. Water every week. Some melons are so easy to sprout that they have been known to come up where adventurous children have spit them--without even being buried by a gardener.


Radish is a very quick crop to plant, and very easy to sprout. Draw a line in the dirt with your finger, about ¼-inch deep. Sprinkle the seeds along the line and gently smooth the soil over them. Your seeds will sprout within a week, and the radishes will be ready to pick in six to eight weeks.


Beans are very quick to sprout, and it's often recommended that you plant more than enough beans in order to choose the best plants. Plan for overabundance and you will get just that with these plants. For vining beans, provide a fence or trellis. Water weekly and you can be harvesting crops within six to eight weeks.

Morning Glory

Morning glory is a very popular and attractive flower, with glossy green leaves and colorful trumpet-shaped flowers. They are seeded directly in the garden, and are so easy to grow in fertile soil that you may have to be careful about them reseeding into more of your yard than you wish.


Carrots are an easy-to-care-for plant that is directly seeded into the garden. Prepare your carrot patch, and sprinkle the tiny seeds all over the entire area to be planted. Use a rake or your hand to ruffle the soil up and smooth it over the seeds slightly. Water weekly, and watch for the wispy leaves to appear. When they are 2 inches tall, thin to just the strongest-looking plants, leaving about 2 inches between them so that they will have the most amount of room to grow.

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