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The Japanese maple is highly prized for its seasonal colors and how well it fits into small gardens and yards. Seeds may be collected in the fall or purchased from suppliers of fresh seed. Germination rates fall off dramatically after six months of storage.

Seed Collecting

Seeds from Japanese maples may be collected beginning in September. The seeds are ready when they turn brown and can be stored in a paper bag for up to six months before planting.

Purchasing Seeds

Purchase seeds from a reliable supplier that guarantees fresh seeds. Seeds older than a few months are unlikely to have suitable germination rates.


Seeds have an oval shape with a long wing attached that carries them away from the tree when they fall. This keeps seedlings and parents from competing for sunlight, nutrients and moisture.


Japanese maple seeds require a cold period to germinate. Seeds refrigerated in a zipper bag with damp peat moss for 70 days will begin to germinate in the refrigerator.

Planting Fall Seeds

Seeds collected in the fall may be planted in a seed bed to overwinter naturally and germinate in the spring.

Planting Spring Seeds

Seeds germinated in a refrigerator over the winter should be planted in early spring in a sunny location.


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