How to Grow Orange Fruit Trees


Orange trees grow well in warm, sunny climates. Generally, tropical and subtropical areas are ideal for citrus trees. Dry, hot climates also are suitable for growing oranges, but the tree will need a lot of water to develop properly. The sweet fruit is delicious and healthy, and nothing quite beats having your own orange tree in the backyard. It may be possible to grow an orange tree indoors in cold, northern climates, but it is unlikely to bare fruit. Nurseries and garden stores sell young, potted orange trees that are ready to plant in the ground.

Step 1

Chose a sunny open spot in your garden to plant your orange tree. Avoid planting your orange tree in the middle of a lawn as the grass will compete for nutrients and will diminish fruit production.

Step 2

Chose an area that has well-draining, sandy soil. Growing an orange tree in soil that is too wet will cause the roots to rot.

Step 3

Dig a hole slightly wider and deeper then the root ball. Carefully remove the tree from the nursery pot and plant it in the hole. Fill the dirt in around the young tree and pat down firmly.

Step 4

Water the area well after planting so that the roots can take to their new surrounding.

Step 5

Chose a fertilizer that contains seaweed, which will provide necessary trace elements. Oranges need a lot of food to grow.

Step 6

Water your orange tree frequently and lightly to ensure that the shallow roots have even moisture.

Step 7

Use manure or compost to fertilize your orange tree after the first year. April or May are the best times to fertilize.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Fertilizer with seaweed powder


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