How to Protect Plants From a Late Spring Freeze


A vegetable garden can be added to any landscape, but if there is winter in the region, it is important that plants be protected. Frost usually forms on cold, clear nights throughout the winter and the late spring. There are a couple of key ways to protect your plants and to prepare them for a freeze in late spring.

Step 1

Transfer your plants indoors if they are in planters you can pick up and bring inside. Usually, a late-spring freeze can be predicted, so you can prepare for it. Place them in a sunny corner or on a windowsill for early sunshine the next day, and for a couple days if the freeze continues. If you keep the plants in the house for more than two days, mist them every couple days with water to help the vegetables cope with indoor heating.

Step 2

Water the vegetables during the warmest part of the spring day before an expected frost to keep the soil damp. Once the freeze comes around, the heat will rise up from the ground and keep the plant warm.

Step 3

Bring out sheets or thin blankets and lay them over the vegetable plants, tucking the corners under and around the plants. You are basically creating tents to keep the warmth in and freeze out.

Step 4

Lay floating row covers over tender or very young vegetables or sprouts. Do this by placing lightweight fleece fabric over the plants. Find these at gardening stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Blankets or sheets
  • Floating row covers


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