How to Protect Garden Vegetables From Frost


Having a vegetable garden is ideal for any landscape, but not everyone who grows a vegetable garden lives in a warm environment with no threat of cold or frost. If you live somewhere with winters, it is necessary to protect your plants from frost or else they will perish. Typically, frost forms on cold, clear, calm nights throughout the winter and the spring. There are a couple of ways you can protect your plants.

Step 1

Transfer your vegetable plants inside if possible, with planters that you can pick up and carry. Just make sure they are in a sunny corner or on a sunny windowsill once they are inside. If you keep them indoors for more than a couple of days, make sure to mist the plants with water every couple of days to protect the leaves and vegetables from indoor heating.

Step 2

Layer straw or shredded bark around the base of the plants and over the roots if they are planted in the ground, about 2 to 3 inches thick. This helps insulate the roots and base of the plants, as well as prevent weeds. Do this in mid-fall before any chance of frost.

Step 3

Provide the plants with water during the hottest part of the day before an expected frost, then layer mulch on top to keep soil in. When the air grows colder, the moisture from the watered ground will rise up and heat the vegetable plants.

Step 4

Cover young or sensitive vegetable plants with sheets or blankets during the day before an expected frost, tucking the ends around the plant to help insulate it. Don't worry about hardy vegetables such as carrots and cabbage.

Things You'll Need

  • Vegetable plants
  • Water
  • Straw or shredded bark
  • Mulch
  • Blankets or sheets


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