Types of Flowers

Flowers bring life and colors to your landscaping and provide enjoyment to gardeners. Available in countless varieties and giving you an endless selection to choose from, flowers break down into three main types--perennial, annual and bulb. Pick flowers for your specific region, provide the right growing conditions and enjoy the beauty they provide.

Perennial Flowers

Perennial flowers emerge again and again every season, providing you years of blooms from a single purchase. They are an excellent choice for gardeners on a budget, because perennial flowers return yearly and can be divided and spread out to other locations, or for those who want to design their flower landscaping only once and not have to worry about yearly plantings. Provide extra care to the soil when preparing the planting sites for perennials because they remain there for a long time or supply the necessary nutrients as needed. Choose flowers with varying bloom times and colors, and mix perennials with the other types of flowers for a dramatic look.

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers provide bold, bright blossoms for long periods during their growing season, set seed and then wither away when the cold weather arrives. Some annuals grown in gardens in cold climates will thrive as perennials in warm climates or reappear in the spring from seeds dropped to the ground the prior year. Gardeners who want to continuously change the appearance of their landscaping and those who do not mind making flower purchases yearly should use various types of annuals throughout their yard. Sold in large packs that begin to fill the garden centers in the spring, annual flowers typically require warm soil and established climates to develop.

Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs come in two types with either summer or fall bloom times. The term "bulb" is used for other types of flowers besides the true bulbs and includes flowers grown from tuberous-roots, corms and rhizomes. Planting times vary and can be spaced out over several days (or weeks) providing you with long bloom times. Know the requirements of the type you select, such as whether it calls for bulb removal annually or periodic splitting up along with specific planting dates. Depending on your location, many bulbs can remain in their place and reappear each year, but others will not survive the harsh winter season. Use flowering bulbs as borders or in baskets or plant them in long rows or groups.

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