Ideas for Trellis Vines

Trellis vines can be grown up a pergola post or on the ground to fill in hard-to-reach areas of the garden. Cover patio arches or overhangs with a sweet smelling jasmine vine. Young tendrils will begin to attach themselves around the structure and will naturally grow up towards the sun. Their pattern will be random, making this free-flowing plant perfect for creating natural designs in your space.

Wood Structures

Use a wood structure as your support for the trellis vines. Pergolas are a sturdy and long-lasting structure that beckons for creeping vines like wisteria and honeysuckle. Place the vines at the base of the pergola, in a container or directly into the soil. As the tendrils grow around the posts of the pergola, gently wrap them around the post with the help of garden wire. Their natural tendency to grasp onto the pergola post will help to support their weight on the post. Loosely tie the tendrils with wire to prevent damaging the delicate structure. In addition to pergolas, you can also use a bamboo trellis to support your favorite creepers. Bamboo occurs naturally in wooded areas and can sometimes be harvested for free. Lean the bamboo poles together to form a tent-like structure to dangle your vines around. The vibrant colors of vines like morning glories and clematis will contrast with the bright green bamboo poles.

Walls and Fences

The vine's tendency to grasp onto walls and objects is ideal when using a garden fence or wall as the backdrop for the vine. Training the vines to grow along a wall and fence is effortless and can create a colorful garden wall. Boston ivy and Japanese bittersweet are quick growing vines that grow well on garden walls. They particularly love north facing walls and exposed locations. For brick and stone walls, plant a trumpet creeper, which loves these kinds of structures. For shady walls, a vine can open up the space and add needed vibrancy to a darker area of the garden.

Ground Cover

Vines can also be used to cover garden banks and areas of your lawn that have difficulty growing grass. Trellis vines are also good at growing out and around a space. Use a trellis vine to fill up hard-to-reach spaces in a garden. Try periwinkle and moneywort, both which flatten against the ground and will fill out the yard nicely. Sweet smelling annuals like nasturtium are also a stunning way to create a colorful ground cover. Fill in between the stones of a garden path with creeping thyme and jasmine.

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