Shade Plants That Bloom

Shady spots under trees, by buildings, or in corners of the yard that don't see direct sunlight need special plants. For the addition of flowering color with shade-loving foliage, pick blooming shade plants. While ferns and hostas are typical choices for shady spots, look deeper to find flower-forming choices.

Indian Pink

Indian pink, or Spigelia marilandica, is from the Strychnaceae, or Indian pink, family. It is a perennial. It gets 1 to 2 feet tall with leaves 2 to 6 inches long. Flowers are 2-inch trumpet-shaped flowers in scarlet. The plant prefers sun or partial shade, moist soils, and can be propagated via seeds or division of clumps.


Pansy, or Viola x wittrockiana, is from the Violaceae, or violet, family. It is an annual or perennial that is good for containers or shade gardens. It will get 4 to 10 inches tall with 1- to 4-inch flowers in yellow, white, purple or blue. Pansies prefer partial shade or sun, but will grow in deep shade. Propagate via seeds and cuttings. These are easy to grow and pest free.

Wishbone Flower

Wishbone flower, or Torenia fournieri, is from the Scrophulariaceae, or figwort, family. It is an annual that will attract hummingbirds. This plant gets 12 inches tall and almost 12 inches wide. Leaves are 2 inches long with flowers 1.5 inches long. Flowers are trumpet shaped and can be bluish purple. The plant requires moist rich soil with partial shade or full shade. To propagate wishbone flower you need to sow seed in spring.

Ginger Lily

Ginger lily, or Hedychium coronarium, is from the Zingiberaceae, or ginger, family. It is a perennial that is fast growing, fragrant and a butterfly attractor. It gets 3 to 7 feet tall with 8- to 24-inch-long leaves. Flowers appear in midsummer, 6- to 12-inch-long white clusters. Ginger lily prefers full sun or partial shade and rich soil. It is easy to propagate via root cuttings.

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