Plants That Don't Have Blooms

Many plants do not have blooms, but the variegated coloring of the leaves make them attractive. Although there are hundreds of such plants, there are some that stand out as being unique and colorful in their own ways. These plants are hardy indoors and some can be placed outdoors in containers for the summer months.


The philodendron is a vine plant that likes to climbs upward or can be used in a hanging basket allowed to flow to the ground. The plant needs rich soil and moist soil during the summer, but can have drier soil in the winter months. The philodendron is hard to identify, but the different varieties can have wavy or heart-shaped leaves of various colors such as burgundy, red, orange, yellow and green.


The croton can grow from 2 feet tall to 6 feet tall. The exotic plant thrives in a sunny environment with warm temperatures. There many different types of crotons that produce corkscrew, lobed and narrow to wide leaves. The different colors make each plant unique. Some colors are almost black, orange to purple and yellowish to green. The pattern on the leaves can be speckled, striped or spotted.

Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail palm is not a true palm plant, but more of an imposter. The plant is sometimes called an elephant foot because the base of the plant is swollen. The stem can get to heights of 15 feet tall with the top resembling an umbrella of light green foliage cascading down from the top. Typical houseplants usually only reach heights of 10 feet with the stem, but the leaves can be 6 feet long.

Dumb Cane

The dumb cane plant produces different foliage. The Camille has yellowish/greenish leaves and the compacta has green leaves with a whitish center. Both plants types have large leaves that grow upwards in layers. This plant is hardy outdoors only in warm climates (USDA zone 10B) or anywhere indoors.

Corn Plant

The dracaenas or "corn plant" has one stem, but is usually planted in pots with two to three stems of various heights and varieties to cover the bare stems of each stalk. The barky stems grow to be 2 feet tall in some varieties; others grow to 20 feet tall with green leaves at the very top.


Hostas do flower, but they are primarily grown for their attractive green foliage. The hosta is a hardy plant that can tolerate many different weather conditions including the colder temperatures from in the northern states. There is very little care needed for the hostas to grow. The plant leaves can be green, yellow tints and white, while some plants have variegated leaves. The plants originated from Korea, China and Japan and will reach maturity in about four to eight years after planting.

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