How to Grow Bacopa


Bacopa is a summer-loving annual that grows best in containers and hanging baskets. Prized for hot-weather performance, bacopa will look fresh when other annuals show signs of heat exhaustion. Covered in tiny leaves with starry little white, pink, lavender or red blooms, this annual will trail and spread. Plant and grow bacopa with confidence, as you anticipate the long-lasting color and interest it will bring to your patio garden.

Step 1

Choose a hanging basket or container for your bacopa. Drainage holes are essential, regardless of the type of container material. Line the hanging basket with sphagnum moss to ensure a proper balance between drainage and moisture retention.

Step 2

Prepare a potting soil mix by adding slow-release fertilizer at the manufacturer suggested rate, incorporating well for optimum food availability over time.

Step 3

Fill the container with soil, leaving 1 inch of room at the top. Fill hanging baskets by firming the soil in the bottom and then up the sides of the container, allowing 1 inch of room at the rim of the basket.

Step 4

Squeeze the bacopa seedling from its pot, gently sliding it into your hand. Loosen the roots and plant the bacopa with the roots just below the surface. Cover the remaining inch with soil and firm.

Step 5

Water the bacopa well, and keep the soil moist throughout the summer. Blooms will wilt and drop if you don't water regularly during the hottest months.

Things You'll Need

  • Hanging basket/container
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Potting soil
  • Time-released fertilizer
  • Trowel


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