Birds of Paradise Flower Facts


Bird of paradise flowers are also called crane flowers. It is related to the banana plant. A bird of paradise grows evergreen leathery leaves about 18 inches long. A healthy plant will produce about 36 flowers throughout the year.


Bird of paradise flowers are showy blossoms with blue petals and orange sepals emerging from a beak-like bract. This unique flower resembles a crane.

The Facts

When a bird of paradise is propagated by seed, it takes 3 to 5 years to bloom. Division propagation produces a mature plant in 2 years.


Bird of paradise is occasionally infested with aphids, caterpillars, grasshoppers, scales, snails and leaf borers.


Bird of paradise originated in South Africa. They grow wild in the eastern Cape along riverbanks.


There are four species of bird of paradise flowers. These are Strelitzia reginae, Strelitzia nicolai, Strelitzia alba and Strelitzia juncea.


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