Types of Italian Flowers

Italy is a country of varying climates, and with these climate variances come a plethora of interesting flora. From the fields of wildflowers in northern Italy to the rich, exotic plant life of the Mediterranean coast, the region is brimming with Italian flowers.

Trumpet Gentian

The trumpet gentian is a perennial wildflower that is abundantly scattered among the fields and prairies of Northern Italy. The plant is a low-lying ground cover that produces several short vines that bloom with deep royal purple to indigo blue-colored petals.

Glacial Buttercup

The glacial buttercup is a relative to the standard buttercup plant that is often considered a pest in North American gardens and lawns. The difference is the luscious opened flowers with petals of snow-white and canary yellow. The leaves of the glacial buttercup are succulent and bulbous, and the plant is often seen blooming in rocky areas near the Alpine mountains of Italy and other cold regions.


The bougainvillea plant is a tropical, low-lying shrub that can be seen blooming with vibrant fuchsia-colored petals along the Mediterranean coast of Italy. It is also a popular garden and patio plant throughout the world in warmer climates.


Jasmine is commonly seen growing indoors, or in containers on shaded patios throughout Italy and other warm climates near the Mediterranean region. There are many types of jasmine, and it is a highly aromatic plant that is prized for its essential oils.

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