How to Plant Paperwhites in Potting Soil


Paperwhites are an ideal indoor plant. Each bulb produces up to 20 white blossoms whose intoxicating scent can fill up a room. And few flowers are easier to plant. All paperwhites really need is water to grow, but they can be planted in potting soil to hide their roots. Each paperwhite bulb will only bloom once, but many homeowners plant them at two-week intervals so they will continue to bloom all winter.

Step 1

Fill a shallow pot with a 3- to 4-inch layer of quality potting soil. The size of the pot will depend on how many paperwhites you wish to plant. Paperwhites like to be crowded. A 6-inch pot will hold five bulbs.

Step 2

Place paperwhite bulbs, pointed side up, on the potting soil. Space bulbs 1/4 inch apart.

Step 3

Add more potting soil to the pot so to cover the bottom two=thirds of the paperwhite bulbs. Leave the top one-third exposed.

Step 4

Water the soil until water runs out of the pot's drainage holes. Continue to water the paperwhites so that the potting soil remains moist. Do not let it dry out.

Step 5

Place the paperwhite's pot in a cool, dark place in the house until they germinate. Once they have sprouted, you can move them near a window where they can receive ample sunlight.

Step 6

Wait four to six weeks for your paperwhite to bloom.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Shallow pot with drainage holes


  • Paperwhites
  • Paperwhite Narcissus
  • Paperwhite Growing Information
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