Outdoor Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Living in a humid climate or near standing bodies of water makes your home susceptible to swarms of blood-sucking mosquitoes. To keep your family and pets safe from the itchy bites these insects deliver, you can plant a series of mosquito-repelling plants around your home garden or patio.


Citronella is a type of grass that releases a camphorous oil that companies sell commercially in insect repellents. It grows well in tropical climates or well-maintained landscapes, but it can reach heights as tall as 6 feet. Weekly to biweekly mowing will keep the grass short, as well as keep the citronella oils fresh and in the air, which mosquitoes despise.


Rosemary is a culinary herb as well as an insect repellent. Its oils are camphorlike, and mosquitoes avoid it as much as they do citronella. The plant grows like a bush with several branchlike stems that produce fragrant and potent spikes filled with oils.


Catnip is another herb that is commonly found in commercial products. The plant that drives cats crazy is also highly noxious to mosquitoes. Planting this herb around your patio or in your windowsill planters will keep the insects at bay.


The citruslike smell of lemongrass is desired by people, but hated by mosquitoes. It grows well in windowsill herb planters, as well as loamy soil in a well-shaded garden.


Geraniums are warm-weather plants that love well-drained soil, and they are commonly spotted in decorative gardens throughout the world. The flowers possess an oil, much like the citronella grass, that mosquitoes try to stay away from. Unfortunately, this flower attracts moths that lay their eggs in them. The moth's larvae ultimately destroy the delicate flowers.

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