How to Prune a Patio Hibiscus Tree


A hibiscus is a beautiful addition to your patio and can be enjoyed for a very long time. Pruning your hibiscus will help maintain its shape and stimulate budding. Pruning the roots is important for potted plants and will give you more blooms provided the hibiscus receives several hours of sunlight per day. Prune your hibiscus between August and October.

Step 1

Cut off any weak branches from your hibiscus and remove any branches that are crossing over each other or growing sideways.

Step 2

Find up to four branches on your hibiscus that are strong and sturdy, and cut them back by about 30 percent.

Step 3

Find a node (a bump where a leaf or branch will grow) and cut right above it if you would like to fill any spaces in your hibiscus. By cutting above a node, you are encouraging new branches to grow from that node and also encouraging new blooms as a hibiscus normally creates one bloom per branch.

Step 4

Remove the root ball very gently from the growing pot. Pruning the roots needs only to be done once every two years to allow for new root growth.

Step 5

Cut off the bottom 2 inches of root if they have formed a solid ball inside the pot. Use a sharp knife, sterilized by alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Step 6

Place 2 inches of a good potting mix in the bottom of the planter.P lace the root ball back inside the growing pot and replant. Water your hibiscus.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Sharp knife
  • Alcohol or hand sanitizer
  • Potting mix


  • Hidden Valley Hibiscus
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