List of Winter Flowers

Planting a beautiful home garden doesn't have to be limited to the warmer seasons. These hearty winter plants can provide a constant display of color and beauty from November to March, before your spring flowers emerge.

Chinese Juniper

The Chinese juniper bush is a cold-tolerant shrub that produces delicate, small yellow blossoms. It is an evergreen plant that also comes in creeping ground cover varieties. It has bluish green leaves and blooms in moderate hardiness zones during the winter and early spring.


Hellebore grows from autumn to early spring in temperate climates; they prefer moist, dark soil with plenty of compost for nourishment. If properly cared for, hellebore flowers will bloom throughout the winter months with blooms that resemble small, multicolored passion flowers.


Wintersweet is a highly fragrant shrub that is very cold tolerant. It takes 3 years for a wintersweet bush to grow to full maturity and produce a series of delicate, bell-shaped yellow flowers.

Winter Aconite

Winter aconite thrives in the colder months of many differing climates and is identifiable by its thick, stout waxy foliage and its plump yellow blossoms. It is a perennial bulb and is easily naturalized in home gardens.

Witch Hazel

A cold-tolerant plant, witch hazel thrives in loamy soil near companion plants like holly and juniper. Witch hazel produces its red and yellow tassel-like flowers during the winter when there are no leaves on the plant.

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