How to Replace Daylilies


Daylilies are one of the most rewarding plants that a gardener can grow. They are not temperamental, can handle most soil types, do not require a lot of care, and produce gorgeous blooms beginning in the early spring and continuing through the summer. Despite their hardiness, however, a daylily might not, for example, make it through a particularly harsh winter. Another problem might be that the daylily that you purchased may not have taken hold and, therefore, never grew and bloom. Some varieties of daylilies, especially those in hard-to-find color combinations, can be rather expensive: Some daylilies actually sell for $2,000 per fan, but most hard-to-find daylilies normally sell for $25 and up per fan. No gardener likes to lose that much money on one plant. If you have purchased a daylily that has died within the first year, recoup your loses--and your daylily.

Step 1

Grab your shovel and dig up the dead daylily. If you want to replace it, the grower will want to know what happened to it and that it actually did die. Having the roots, no matter how sad they may appear, will help you to prove to the grower from whom you bought your daylily that something is definitely wrong.

Step 2

Contact the grower. If you have purchased your daylily from a daylily grower, simply go back to them with the roots that you have dug up. Most daylily growers are concerned with their reputations and will gladly give you a replacement at no charge. They also will be able to help you figure out what went wrong, so that you can correct the problem and not wind up with another dead daylily.

Step 3

Take your receipt to the garden center. If you have purchased a daylily from a local garden center, you will usually need your receipt in order to receive a replacement. Most garden centers guarantee their plants for one year and will replace them for free if they die within that time. If you do not have your receipt, you can try taking a cancelled check or credit card statement along with the dead daylily to show them that you did indeed make a purchase. Some garden centers will honor this, though not all.

Step 4

Check the replacement policies of online companies. Most nurseries that sell daylilies online guarantee them for one year and will replace any that do not survive. Usually they require that you return any tags that came with your daylily.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you have purchased your daylily from a garden center that is part of a chain, your chances of getting a replacement is not very good if you do not have your sales receipt. While the vast majority of growers selling plants online are reputable, some are not. If you have any doubts, visit various online gardening sites and make some inquiries about other gardeners' experiences with the company in question.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Sales receipt
  • Plant tags (if any)


  • Lowe's
  • Doug's Daylilies Nursery
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