Ideas for Wood Yard Planters

Wood yard planters can be charming additions to your landscape. You can transform a variety of objects into planters with a little ingenuity. You can also build simple wooden planters from exterior grade wood with minimum building skills. Add character to your yard or garden with decorative wooden planters, old or new.

Wooden Cart

Create a wood yard planter from an old wooden cart or wheelbarrow. If the base of the cart is slatted, line the wooden box with plastic, punch a few holes for drainage, then cover it with a layer of rocks. If the bottom of the box is solid, drill drainage holes before you line it with plastic. Fill the cart with potting soil to create a decorative planter that makes a nice focal point for your yard.


Wooden barrels and half-barrels are good planter choices for your yard, especially if you're planting ornamental trees that need the extra depth and space. Prepare the barrels the same as you would any wooden planter: Drill drainage holes, line them with plastic, puncture holes in the plastic and add a layer of rocks before filling it with potting soil. Wood barrels also look nice filled with pansies, petunias or other colorful plants that spill over onto the sides.

Building a Planter

Cedar, teak, redwood and treated plywood are the best choices for building an outdoor planter. Each of these wood types resists mildew and insects and will withstand the elements better than other wood types. Use plywood to create smooth sides, or make slats with wooden boards. It's a good idea to line the inside of the planter with plastic, even if the wood is moisture-resistant.

Landscape Timbers

Landscape timbers work if you are creating a large planting area in your yard. Cut and stack the timbers to fit around a tree or to create a planter along the front of your home. To securely stack landscape timbers, drill holes and insert spikes or rebar to connect one timber to another. You could also brace the stacked timbers with a wooden strip along the backside.

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