Common Types of Flowers

If you're just starting to become interested in the hobby of gardening, knowing about the different types of common flowers could help you make a decision in what kind of garden suites you the best. There are more than a quarter million different flowering plant varieties on the planet, and some of the more common ones can be showcased in your home garden.


One of the most common flowers, the rose comes from a medium sized shrub of the same name. Rose bushes are perennial plants that can continue to produce blooms for several years. The flower's coloring ranges from bright white to deep burgundy red and virtually every color in between.


Much like the rose, the carnation is another timeless and common flower that is often found in bouquets and pinned to the lapels of tuxedo jackets. The delicate and frilly petals of the carnation vary in color greatly from white to red with yellow, peach and other vibrant colors falling in between.


Violets are common garden plants that make lush, green ground covers in shaded areas. The petals are soft and velvety, and range in color from vibrant violet to cheerful yellow.


Another common variety garden flower is the zinnia. It's identified by its sturdy green stem and flamboyant, ruffled petals that range in color from goldenrod to fiery red. Zinnias are often planted to accompany similar common flowers like marigolds and snapdragons.

Garden Verbena

Garden verbena is commonly grown as a hedge plant because it produces deep green bush-like foliage. The flowers are a deep, crimson red and are very delicate and silky in texture. Garden verbena is an annual plant that thrives best in sunny, hot regions.

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