Types of Yellow Flowers

Yellow is often associated with glee and happiness, and yellow flowers are symbolic of friendship and cheer. There are several yellow flowers you can plant or add to a friendship bouquet.

Yellow Toadflax

Yellow toadflax is commonly called "butter and eggs plant" and wild snapdragon. It grows wild in Colorado and is considered a weed to state locals, but is an attractive plant. It's identified by its long, slender green stem and small clusters of bright yellow blossoms.

Black-Eyed Susan

Also called coneflowers or echinacea, black-eyed Susans have deep yellow petals. They are often seen in autumn bouquets, and they attract butterflies of the same color as their petals.

Evening Primrose

This perennial blooms in the spring throughout the U.S. Midwest and produces vibrant canary yellow petals. Evening primrose flowers attract hummingbirds and large moths, and flourish with little to no maintenance in a garden.


Marigolds are common garden flowers with long-lasting blooms. The ruffle-like petals of these annuals are golden yellow but can transition to a fiery orange hue.

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