How to Care for a Dendrobium Hybrid Hiang Beauty Orchid


The hybrid orchid known as Hiang Beauty was bred and registered in Thailand in the early 1980s as a new varietal of Epiphytic dendrobium orchid. It is valued for its light scent of jasmine and multiple blooms on long, arching stems. The flowers bloom in unique hues and patterns, combining a warm, deep pinkish-lavender and white. They thrive in high humidity, bright indirect or filtered sunlight and with regular feeding.

Step 1

Grow your Hiang Beauty orchid in a location where it will receive a minimum of six to eight hours of very bright, indirect sunlight each day. Eastern, southern and western light exposures are best. Some limited direct morning and afternoon sun is acceptable, but protect the orchids from the hot, strong midday sun.

Step 2

Provide ambient growing temperatures year round between 55 and 75 degrees F. Colder or warmer temperatures will damage the plant and likely stunt bloom.

Step 3

Water your dendrobium once a week by running the pot under a kitchen tap that's gently flowing with tepid (never cool) water. Saturate all of the medium and roots, and allow the water to drain out of the pot. In extremely dry climates, water twice a week.

Step 4

Feed your Hiang Beauty once a month with orchid food diluted in tepid water at 50-percent of the recommended dose. Pour the fertilizer over the potting medium that has been pre-moistened with water and allow the excess to drain away.

Step 5

Provide ambient humidity between 50 and 80 percent for your dendrobium. Mist once or twice daily or use a humidifier to automatically raise the moisture content in the air.

Step 6

Re-pot your Hiang Beauty orchid into fresh orchid medium once a year or every other year. Use very coarse orchid mix designed for epiphytes with bark chips, charcoal and perlite, but no soil. Go up a size in the pot diameter every three to five years.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray mist bottle
  • Shallow tray
  • Stone pebbles
  • Water-soluble orchid fertilizer
  • Coarse orchid potting medium


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