Indoor Plants That Don't Need Sun

Indoor plants that do not require sun are ofte. They are useful for decorative purposes and have properties that help to clean their surrounding environments. Many people like to keep indoor plants, as they are believed to help soothe stress and promote good health. Some have have pleasant fragrances. If your home doesn't get a lot of natural light, choose easy-to-maintain houseplants that do not need sun.

Chamaedorea Palm

Chamaedorea palm is an indoor plant with slender leaves that lend a have a tropical flair to a home. Their stems are very narrow, and they can be multi-trunked or have single stems (depending on which variety they are). They have dark green leaves, and they originate in the rainforests of Central America and Mexico.

Braided Ficus Tree

The braided ficus tree has braided stems and the foliage is variegated (meaning made up of many distinctly different colors). The leaves have a leathery texture and a dark green shade.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are indoor plants that work well with low light and in a variety of atmospheres and settings., making them stress-free plants to grow. One benefit of keeping a Chinese evergreen as an indoor plant is that they are extremely efficient indoor purifiers.

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm is a good option for those who have a tendency to forget to water their plants. They can handle the heat of being indoors well, as they are natives of Mexico's dry, arid climate. They do not require a lot of attention. They are very sturdy, and have very bulbous foundations. Their heads are comprised of pendulous flat leaves with smooth edges.

Cactus Combo Bonsai

The cactus combo bonsai adapts well to moisture and temperature changes, and is low maintenance. This cactus grows well in brighter light, reaching a height between 6 and 10 inches. They can live on low water levels for days at a time.

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