How to Care for Cyclamen Plants


With their frilly, butterfly blooms and marbled silvery foliage, cyclamen are a delightful houseplant. They are widely available and a relatively inexpensive way to add color to the indoor environment during the dark winter months. If they are kept cool, cyclamen will provide colorful blooms from December to April.

Step 1

Locate cyclamen in a fairly cool environment. Nighttime temperatures between 62 and 68 degrees are best. Keep the plant in indirect light, but on warm days, cool the room with a fan and move the plant away from sunny windows. Mist the plant occasionally to keep it cool and hydrated.

Step 2

Water cyclamen when the soil dries out, but don't allow the soil to become soaked, because excess moisture can promote disease and rot. Don't allow the leaves to get wet. Feed cyclamen once a month with a good quality water-soluble houseplant fertilizer that has been diluted to half-strength.

Step 3

Cut down on watering when the blooms begin to fade. When the leaves die down, put the plant in a dark, cool room. Bring it back into the light when it begins to show new growth, usually in September. Resume normal watering and fertilizing at that time.

Things You'll Need

  • Water-soluble houseplant fertilizer


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