Plants for a Mediterranean Garden

A Mediterranean garden is water wise, elegant and works well in areas where winter brings cold weather but not a lot of snow. Succulents, trees, vines, flowers and shrub-style plants that thrive in this type of garden are sturdy and overall easy to maintain. These plants can tolerate hot summers and very little watering.


Hibiscus flowers can grow up to 10 inches across, and their colors range across the rainbow, with some flowers having petals that are variegated, striped or mottled. Growth in the early spring is aggressive and slows down as they flower. Many varieties flower throughout the season and can be propagated by cutting faster than by seed. According to the Mediterranean Garden Society, there are several varieties of Hibiscus that do well in a Mediterranean garden. Before settling upon a variety, be sure it can tolerate your gardening zone. Some varieties are strictly tropical and won't survive a winter or cold spell.


The jacaranda tree is a treasure. Its bright purple flowering masses are a stark contrast to the soft, green, feathery, fern-like leaves. The tree remains covered in flowers for over a month while greenery develops and produces a shade as the foliage thickens and the summer wears on.


Sisal looks a lot like yucca, with long, sharp, sturdy leaves emanating from a central point. It produces a sturdy fiber that's used for making rope and twine. The leaves range from light to silvery green, and grow back from the base after being cut down for industry. Sisal works well in a Mediterranean garden because, like its cousin the yucca, the plant's shape is interesting, it requires very little water and can tolerate hot weather.


Artemesia, also called white sage, is named after Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting. White sage grows as a silvery gray shrub with white flowers that are barely visible. Most striking are the wide, pale leathery leaves from tall stalks that have a rich history as a medicinal herb and grow easily throughout the world, in both English cottage and Mediterranean gardens.

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