How to Use Plastic Lawn Edging


Plastic lawn edging can be a useful tool in preventing grass from creeping into garden beds. It also keeps stone and gravel mulch from landing on your lawn and becoming a hazard in your lawn mower. Edging often lends a neat, tidy and crisp look to both lawns and garden beds. Use plastic edging to create curved lines that are pleasing to the eye, creating interest and a pleasing, natural design flow in your garden.

Step 1

Use a spade to puncture a line into the soil to use as a guide for excavation and for installing the edging. Do not dig a trench; just cut in a line that can be used as a guide for setting the edging in place.

Step 2

Remove grass, stones, plant material, roots and other objects that cross over your installation line. Rip up runners from grass or other plants near or heading toward the line.

Step 3

Lay your first piece of edging into the soil in the cut line, and use a mallet to drive the edging into the soil until the top of the plastic edging is just above grade. Repeat this process with successive pieces of edging.

Step 4

Place support spikes on alternating sides of the edging at the recommended intervals. Use your mallet to knock the spikes down into the soil and secure the edging.

Step 5

Cut edging where needed to fit, using a hacksaw or sharp utility scissors. Overlap cut ends slightly for the most professional look. Secure the seam with a spike, if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Rigid (not rolled) plastic lawn edging and spikes
  • Spade or hand trowel
  • Mallet
  • Scissors or hacksaw


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