How to Prune Tamarack


Tamarack is a medium-sized deciduous tree found across North America and into British Columbia. Tamarack trees are harvested for posts, railroad ties and pulp products such as paper. Tamarack has a straight and slender trunk and can reach up to 65 feet in height. Prune your tamarack in the fall after a majority of the leaves and cones have dropped. This will ensure healthy and hardy growth the following growing season.

Step 1

Thin the tamarack by using lopping shears to cut back weak branches to their point of origin. Thinning results in a more open tree, emphasizes the branch's internal structure and strengthens the tree.

Step 2

Remove lateral branches that are gnarled and crossing. Cut off the entire branch if it is infested with pests, diseased or broken.

Step 3

Prune to one central branch and cut off thin and competing stems on young tamarack trees. This will free up essential nutrients to the central branch of the tree. Cut off all suckers, the small vigorous shoots growing from the root or stem of the tree.

Tips and Warnings

  • To prevent injury, always wear protective gloves when using lopping shears.

Things You'll Need

  • Lopping shears


  • Tamarack Plant Guide: USDA
  • Texas A&M University Extension
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