How to Use Rubber Mulch Around a Pool


There are many benefits for using rubber mulch around a pool. The rubber mulch is not only recyclable, but it provides rich colors and minimizes dust around the pool. If there are children running around the pool and they happen to fall, the rubber mulch provides for a softer landing than does wood mulch. It also will not put splinters in bare feet. Rubber mulch is made from ADA-compliant material and keeps the area much cleaner than traditional mulches.

Step 1

Mark the area in which you want to install the rubber mulch with a garden hose or a can of marking paint for lawns. Figure out how many cubic feet of rubber mulch is needed for your project. A link to a rubber mulch calculator is included in "References," below, and will help you determine how much rubber mulch is needed for your project.

Step 2

Dig the weeds and grass out of the area you marked off in Step 1. Optionally, you can dig down about 2 inches, then fill the area with sand to help ward off weeds growing through the mulch later.

Step 3

Lay a good weed barrier down over the dug-out area. Even if you chose to lay sand, you should still use a good weed barrier on top of the sand. The weed barrier not only helps to keep the weeds at a minimum, but it also provides a surface to keep the mulch from sinking into the ground.

Step 4

Lay out the rubber mulch. The thicker you lay the mulch, the softer it will be (for cushioning falls).

Things You'll Need

  • Marking paint or garden hose
  • Shovel
  • Sand (optional)
  • Weed barrier


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