How to Plant Annual Seeds


Planting annuals from seeds is a rewarding experience for any gardener. Annuals are flowers or plants that only bloom for one season. Common annuals are poppies, cosmos, cleome, sweet pea and morning glory. Starting annuals from seed is a great way to add annual color to your current garden, or add beauty to a new gardening spot.

Step 1

Use the annual seed packet itself to determine where you want to plant your seeds. The information on depth, location and soil conditions are clearly marked on the package. Try to alternate colors and heights of the annuals to create an exciting overall look.

Step 2

Prepare your soil by digging a trough of 4 to 6 inches deep in the areas you want to plant your annuals. The soil should be somewhat warm to the touch after the danger danger of frost has passed in your area.

Step 3

Place the annual seeds in the soil according to your gardening plan, cover the seeds with soil and water thoroughly. Fertilizer is not needed to grow annuals successfully, however if you choose to fertilize wait until after the plants have shown their first signs of leaves.

Step 4

Watering your seeds is vital to their success however, avoid over watering. Determine the water schedule based on the individual annual seed packets.

Step 5

Thin your plants after they have pushed up through the soil and gotten their first leaves. After you thin, the plants remainining should resemble your overall gardening plan. If you would like, you can replant those plants into different areas where you would like to see the annuals can grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden space plan
  • Annual seeds
  • Soil
  • Hand shovel
  • Access to water


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