How to Water a New Vegetable Garden


A new vegetable garden needs a constant source of moisture in order to be successful. Modern vegetable varieties grow quickly, and most mature and produce vegetables within 75 days. Vegetable plants need moist soil but not soaking wet soil that will rot the roots of the plants. Also, water cannot be allowed to splash on developing fruit and plant leaves as this can spread fungal and mildew diseases as well as splash tiny bugs such as spider mites from the soil onto the leaves. Watering with a heavy spray of water overhead can hurt small plants by breaking off leaves and stems.

Step 1

Connect water wand or water spraying device to the appropriate end of the water hose.

Step 2

Move water hose to the garden area being careful not to pull the water hose over newly planted plants.

Step 3

Spray a light stream of water around base of plants taking care not to wet the leaves of the plant. Water long enough so the water soaks into the ground around the plants to a depth as deep as the plants' roots have grown.

Step 4

Water the new plants every other day if weather is dry, keeping in mind the constant moisture requirement of new vegetable plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Water wand or water spraying device that you attach to a hose
  • Water hose
  • New vegetable garden


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