Types of Flower Bulbs

A flower bulb is a fleshy thick bud that grows beneath the ground's surface. Bulbs serve as a way to retain water and nourishment for the flowers during dormant periods and droughts. Planting flower bulbs in your home garden can be a relaxing way of experimenting with different flowers and plants in your gardening hobby. Knowing about all of the different type of flower bulbs is the first step in enjoying the hobby of planting and maintaining them.


The amaryllis is a bell-shaped bulb flower that is long lived. One amaryllis bulb can produce up to six flowers on one plant and can continue to produce flowers for up to 75 years if cared for properly. They make great border flowers in your garden and are also excellent for indoor flower planters.


Daffodils are a member of the Narcissus genus of bulb flowers and may produce several white and flame-colored petals. There are also nonflowering strains of daffodil bulbs, out of the estimated 200 varieties of the flower.


Allium bulbs produce such fragrant edibles as onions, garlic, shallots and chives, but they also display breathtaking, colorful flowers. There are up to a thousand different species of allium flower bulbs, and each variety possesses a different appearance. Some produce large, fluffy purple blossoms and others bloom with crimson red florets.


Crocus flower bulbs produce a low-lying mass of deep green foliage with vibrant, open blossoms that vary in color from ivory to royal purple. Many varieties of this flowering bulb bloom in the early spring and make great cool season plants for regions of moderate climate.


Tulip is the common name of any of the 100 species of the Tulipa genus of flowers. The bulbous plant produces thick, moist blossoms that come in a virtually endless variety of colors. Tulips make wonderful companion plants to amaryllis in a border planter.

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