Flowers for a Mediterranean Garden

A Mediterranean garden supports plants that thrive in areas with moist, cool winters and can tolerate hot, dry summers. Other than the obvious olive trees, however, many gardeners are at a loss about what sort of flowers to plant in a Mediterranean garden. Luckily, plenty of shrubs, flowers and vines exist that fit into a Mediterranean garden.

Ground-Covering Flowers

The succulent groundcover Drosanthemum candens makes an attractive floral addition to a Mediterranean garden. It takes little to no water during the hot summer and spends much of the spring and early summer covered in vibrantly colored flowers.

Flowering Trees

The Mediterranean Gardening Society recommends the jacaranda tree. The flowers last two to three months in warm climates and are a very vibrant violet-blue shade, blooming in pyramid-shaped bunches amidst feathery fern-like foliage. The crepe myrtle tree also is recommended, its flowers are long-lasting, 60 to 120 days, and usually bright pink, although they can range from white to pink and pink to purple.

Flowering Shrubs

Spanish lavender looks similar to traditional lavender, with the exception of a wider flower base, sometimes called a pineapple base, and "rabbit ear" bracts that extend upward. The foliage is gray-green and springtime flowers are deep purple. The crimson bottlebrush has bright red flowers with feathery petals that extend from the base in all directions. It's cold- and heat-resistant, requires little water and can be grown into a tree or a shrub. Oleanders are a fast-growing evergreen shrub that works well in a Mediterranean garden. Its flowers are often pink, and its leaves are long and pointy, dark green on top and lighter underneath. Prune frequently to keep the size manageable and prevent a "leggy" growth pattern with the bulk of the flowers and greenery at the top of the plant. The hibiscus is almost synonymous with Greek gardens. Hibiscus blooms range from whites and yellows through all shades of pink and red, to deep bluish and purple shades. Choose one that will work well in your zone from the many hybrids and varieties available.

Flowering Vines

Hardenbergias can be grown as a groundcover, shrub or vine. The flowers are small and purple, though some hybrids may flower in purple, white or both colors. Grapevines, although not much of a flowering vine, are appropriate for a Mediterranean garden. Plant rich, dark concords over an arched trellis for a welcoming appearance. The color of the grapes, coupled with wide, light green leaves, looks colorful and Mediterranean.

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