How to Store Plants on a Porch for the Winter


Nothing is worse than watching the porch plants that you have meticulously cared for and tended all year long die during the course of a particularly cold winter. Thankfully, with a little preparation and care, these porch plants no longer have to suffer the ill effects of those frosty winter months.

Step 1

Find an area inside the house that will accommodate the plants that are going to be brought in from the porch. Optimally, this location will be near windows so as to provide the plants with an ample light source and will have a hard, non-carpeted floor surface. Generally spaces such as garages, enclosed patios, utility rooms, or sheds will prove optimal for this project. You will need to clean and clear the space in preparation for moving the plants to it.

Step 2

Put down the plastic drop sheet in the selected area. When dealing with plants, there will be some amount of water seepage and the drop sheet will protect your floor from unsightly water-spots that would otherwise form over the course of the winter.

Step 3

Transport the plants from the porch to their new living area. Make sure not to bunch the plants together when placing them on the drop cloth, as this will hinder their ability to receive proper lighting.

Step 4

Feed the plants with sticks of fertilizer once a month throughout the winter. Since they will not be getting any of their standard nutrients, it is important to keep the plants healthy and fed while they are indoors. Stick fertilizer is preferable to the liquid or spray variety in this instance since there will be no risk of splashing or contamination.

Step 5

Water the plants as needed based on the variety of plant being cared for. In most cases, you will simply want to keep the soil lightly moist, but different plants require different levels of saturation.

Things You'll Need

  • Potted plants
  • Plastic drop sheets
  • Watering can
  • Stick fertilizer


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