How to Pot Amaryllis Bulbs


An amaryllis can make a beautiful houseplant with its large and exotic flowers. Fortunately, with the right planting technique and care, your amaryllis will grow and bloom for you in just a couple of months. Before potting your amaryllis, be sure that you have a warm and sunny location to set it in, such as a south facing window.

Step 1

Select a pot. It should be a heavy container (e.g. clay or ceramic) that can withstand the weight of the amaryllis as it grows and it should have drainage holes on the bottom. When you sit the bulb in the top of pot, there should be a two inch space between the bulb and the rim on all sides. A height of about seven to eight inches high will suffice.

Step 2

Fill the pot half way with high quality potting soil. Amaryllis prefers light and fluffy soil, so mix in some peat moss or perlite (siliceous rock) with the potting soil.

Step 3

Soak the bulb's fleshy roots in water for two to three hours, if necessary. Use a shallow dish filled with water just deep enough to cover the roots. If your amaryllis bulb does not have fleshy roots growing beneath the bulb, skip this step.

Step 4

Set the bulb in the center of the pot and spread out its fleshy roots, if applicable. Then, add more soil until only the top half of the bulb is exposed and does not have soil covering it.

Step 5

Water your amaryllis well the first time. Use room temperature water and water slowly until it seeps out the bottom. For the next couple of weeks only keep your soil slightly moist so you don't inadvertently cause root rot while the plant is forming roots.

Things You'll Need

  • Pot
  • Potting soil
  • Perlite or peat moss
  • Water


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