The Meaning of Orange Roses


Orange roses are one of the most popular kinds of roses. They have a vibrant, fiery and energetic feel, and conjure up passionate, romantic and intense imagery. A reminder of a variety of images from tangy citrus fruit to the gentle warmth of the sun, orange roses can serve diverse purposes. There are many different shades of orange roses, from subtle coral to peach and the brightest orange.


In the beginning of the 20th century, orange roses started appearing. They were being produced as a result of the new wild yellow roses, which spurned many innovative rose hybridization methods, thus creating orange roses, which quickly gained appreciation from flower enthusiasts.

Symbolic Meaning

Orange roses generally symbolize passion, desire, excitement, enthusiasm and intensity. Since orange roses combine red and yellow, many perceive them to be a meeting point for friendship (which yellow roses symbolize) and love (symbolized by red roses). Orange rose bouquets are considered to be appropriate as a way to move a friendship into a more romantic territory. Orange is the color of fire, and is thus suitable to express feelings of passion and desire.

Other Meanings

Orange roses can also be used for purposes other than romance. They can be given as gifts of intrigue or pride in another person (for example, if someone gets a promotion at work or graduates from college). They are often given as congratulatory flowers.


Apart from romantic or congratulatory purposes, orange roses are often used in festivals for Halloween. As a result, they are also frequently known as Halloween Flowers.


There are several different types of orange roses, including Dawn Chorus (bright orange with yellow at the foundation of the petals), Fragment Delight (orange with pink shades), Bright Fire (trailing flower with orange vermilion blooms) and Betty Harkness (orange petals with a dab of yellow that slowly fades to pink).

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