How to Design Landscaping for the Front Entry


Your front entry is the first impression you make on guests. This is where you greet people, but it is also a space that can invite you to linger before entering the house. An inviting entryway has interesting plants, garden fixtures and maybe a place to sit and relax. You may be able to create a private area. A fountain or bird feeder will encourage birds to visit. Consider the view from inside your house to the front entry as you make your plans.

Step 1

Design a pathway from the street or driveway to your front door. Curved walkways are more inviting. Steps (if needed) should be easy to navigate at night and when carrying things.

Step 2

Evaluate the view of your entry from inside the house. You should enjoy it from inside the house.

Step 3

Decide on a theme, color scheme and purpose for the entry plants. Do you need to create shade? Is your entry shady and damp most of the time? Do you want colorful plants?

Step 4

Add ornaments that create a personal touch. Select items that reflect your interests or create the feeling you want people to have as they enter your space. This could be a fountain, a decorative sculpture, decorative rocks or other items in addition to plants.

Step 5

Add tall plants or a fence for privacy if the front of your house is exposed to a street. Create a sitting area if you have space.

Step 6

Visit nurseries and local gardens to look at plants that do well in your area and with the sun exposure in your front entry.


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