How to Root Fruit Tree Cuttings


Modern fruit trees are a type of plant known as a hybrid. Hybrid plants are those that are bred for certain specific properties, in this case, fruit production. In order to obtain a viable fruit tree that will produce fruit, it must either be rooted from cuttings or grafted to an existing root stock. Cuttings are small, supple branches taken from healthy developing trees that are stimulated with hormones to produce roots and eventually a new tree.

Step 1

Select fresh cuttings that are at least 1/8 inch in diameter and have some pliable wood present.

Step 2

Store the cuttings in water until ready to use to ensure they do not dry out.

Step 3

Using a sharp grafting knife, cut an angled tip onto one side of the cutting and dip the cutting into root hormone.

Step 4

Plant the cutting angled tip side down into a pot and keep moist.

Step 5

Once the roots have outgrown the pot, transplant to a desired location.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh cuttings
  • Sharp grafting knife
  • Root hormone
  • Small pot
  • Potting Soil


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Who Can Help

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